Manual for Your Cari Watch

1. Watches with wooden straps

How to Change Spare Parts

To remove or add a chain link just open the wristband firstly.

1. Lay out the watch so that the dial shows your way and the crown is on the right side of the watch.
2. Hold the enclosed pin-tool above the case of the watch. Try to push out the spike with the riffled head from left to right. For the chain links below the watch case push in the opposite direction (from right to left).
3. If the spike seems to be stuck some pressure with a flat object (e.g. the edge of a table) might help. You can also try to use a solid object (e.g. hammer) to GENTLY knock on the pin-tool.
4. When the spike is removed you can easily remove or add chain links.
5. To close the band again the spikes must be in the same position as during the first step. The side of the spike with the riffled head should always be put in last.